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My Story

Hi, I'm Tanya, a Digital Marketer and Web Designer based out of India, the land of unity in diversity. I started my career in Digital Marketing, straight after college - the best decision of my life!

In the last 7 years, Digital Marketing has evolved and so has my skill set. Did I mention I can code & design as well? That's an added advantage, right?

My career path has involved working with amazing eCommerce stores, eServices, eLearning & CRMs based out of India, London, Australia & Canada. I was able to generate record-breaking signups and 44 million yearly revenue in my last full-time job.​

Vineet (my husband) and I started our Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 just because I wanted to have a side hustle. However, the pandemic happened. Like many others, we suffered a personal loss too.


While recovering I realized suddenly there was a lot of pressure, especially on small product-based businesses, young entrepreneurs to take their business online in a rush!


Those who already had a stable online business suddenly had to face huge competition.


Today, business owners & entrepreneurs have too much on their plate. Although it sounds interesting, the DIY process - understanding the ever-changing algorithms, endless scrolling for inspiration, and overload of information can lead to FOMO, increased screen time, procrastination, and stress!

Therefore, now it is my mission to make multichannel marketing services affordable for those who want to scale fast.


It doesn't matter where you are located, what the size of your business is, what your budget is, I can help you leverage online marketing!

Delegate routine & difficult tasks to experts, be left with time to pursue more important things!


Meet Our CHO

"Cheif Happiness Officer"

At Yavi Digital, our unique Chief Happiness Officer does not have a degree but has an extra chromosome.


Utsav Sharma, is a person with Down Syndrome. He works part-time with the Directors to keep them sane and anxiety-free. He makes sure they have a life by planning the weekend for them. He helps in celebrating every client win & project completion. He also offers his therapeutic hugs to the team when needed.

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About the Company


Yavi Digital LLP was established in 2019 as a one-stop solution for start-ups, professionals, small and medium businesses who want to make effective use of the internet to expand their business. 


Our mission is to provide affordable marketing services to SMBs without compromising on quality.

Why & How

As marketers, we understand that marketing your products and services on a single channel isn't enough for today's consumers. Therefore, we offer our services in the form of monthly subscription packages to help our clients grow through multi-channel marketing with the main focus on social media.


Our services include ideation, planning, strategizing, and execution of social media marketing campaigns. Our talented team of marketers, content writers & graphic designers can help you with every step involved in achieving your marketing objectives.

Solutions offered

We offer social media management services, social media scheduling & automation services, social media advertising services for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In & Twitter.


We also offer content writing services for blogs, articles, social media, ad copy, emails as well as website and landing page content.


Our designing services include graphic designing, logo designing, social media post creatives, emailers, landing pages, e-books, presentations, websites & more.


Our clients can choose from the various packages we offer or can request a custom package to suit their needs. 

Strategic Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We believe in working with careful and strategic planning to achieve your goals

Always on time!

We value your time. We work on a strict deadline.

One-stop Shop!

We provide everything you need from idea to execution of your marketing campaigns.

Affordable Pricing

Our packages are designed for startups and small businesses to make multichannel marketing affordable for them.


Tanya has been the most helpful resource for building our website.

She has been on the ball and responsive and the quality of work and delivery has been amazing.


Tanya always has ideas to bring to the website and has implemented them all with ease.


Her services are very professional and I would hire Tanya to help with future websites without hesitation.


She is friendly, articulate, and very knowledgeable and would be A MUST hire to anyone looking to build a website.


Thank you Tanya.

Dianne Richardson,
Peace Warrior Tees, Australia


Marble Surface

"We not only provide services, we provide
creative solutions to accelerate your growth."

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