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Learn the Art and Science of growing your Personal or                        Brand's Instagram Profile Organically.

For Artists, Blogger, Influencer, Digital Marketing Agency, Brands, Entrepreneur, etc.


  • Covers from Basic to the Complex details of Instagram and it's algorithm.

  • Infographic Explanation.

  • Includes Free Practise Workbook.

  • 8+ Modules Included.

  • Structured eBook with Easy Language & Explanation.

  • No need to spend 5000-10000 to learn the same skill from others.

  • Get in front of more People and Build a Brand Name for yourself.

  • No need to Waste Time in figuring everything yourself.

  • Make your Profile or Brand a Famous Influencer and reach Millions.

  • No need to Waste Time by searching through unstructured half cooked Google Blogs & Youtube Videos.

This course covers from the Basics to the Complex Strategies and Knowledge of Instagram.


What's Inside The Course ?

Module 1 - Instagram Marketing Booklets

  • Instagram Workbook

  • Power Influencer Booklet

  • Instagram Cannon

Module 2 - Create an Instagram Power Account to Skyrocket

  • Types of Instagram Accounts

  • Creating the perfect Instagram Handle

  • Choosing Your Instagram Name

  • Perfecting Your Instagram Display Picture

  • Crafting Your Instagram Bio

  • Creating Your Instagram Account CTA

Module 3 - Ultimate Instagram Content Game Plan

  • Theme and purpose of Content

  • Types Of Content

  • Model What Works -Find Content

  • Creating Content

  • Best times to post on Instagram

  • Top 3 Instagram Keys

  • Photo Licensing and Image Ownership

Module 4 - Instagram Booster Strategy 1 (Hacking IG Algorithm)

  • The Instagram Algorithm

  • Captions

  • Hashtags

  • Content Stacking

  • Power Engagers

Module 5 - Instagram Booster Strategy 2 (Shoutout & Influencers Marketing)

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Shoutout

  • Connecting and Reaching Out to Influencers

  • Shoutout Content

  • Shoutout Strategy

Module 6 - Instagram Booster Strategy 3 (Ads for followers)

  • The Power of Instagram Ads

  • Types of Instagram Ads

  • 5 Keys to a Perfect AD

  • The Perfect Instagram Ad Structure

  • Insights and Tracking to Double Results

Module 7 - Additional Instagram Growth Tools

  • How to Get Verified

  • IGTV

  • Instagram live

Module 8 - Earnings On Instagram Account

  • Building Trustworthy Relationship

  • Earnings On Instagram Methods

  • Selling Products

Module 9 - Instagram Shadowban (For accounts with Fake Followers)

  • What is Shadowban

  • Reasons of Shadowban

  • How to fix Shadowban

Module 10 - Instagram SEO

  • What is Instagram SEO

  • 8 ways to optimize SEO

  • Thank You Note

All these modules have been made after days of research and practice in finding the Best of Details and in-depth knowledge in order to succeed in Instagram Marketing.

Unleash The Power Of Instagram And Start Learning Today

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